About MTW Specialties

MTW Specialties is a highly qualified consulting business that provides technical and services for vegetable oil, biodiesel refineries, water treatment plants and other process industries throughout the world. MTW Specialties will increase production run-time, improve product quality and reduce oil loss, as well as aid in projects and procedures.

Message from the President

“As the president of MTW Specialties I would like to state that our company background includes over 100 years of combined hands on work experience in the oil refining, lecithin, biodiesel and water treatment industries. We have gained the knowledge and expertise through the many and varied processes that we have undertaken as plant managers.

MTW has served as technical expert on all critical operations which resulted in improved production and product quality, and have successfully completed more than 50 customer projects globally and started up over 14 new edible oil facilities, which includes complete overhauls, installations and startups of refining, bleaching, filtration, deodorization processes, and also fluid lecithin plants, of various oils. MTW has also helped customers with Soybean protein concentrates etc.

I thank you for visiting our website and look forward to being of service to your company in the near future”.

Michael T Woolsey
President, MTW Specialties LLC

MTW Specialties LLC. Affiliations

  • ┬áMember of American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) since 2011.
  • Member of International Oil Mill Superintendents Assoc. (IOMSA) 2011.